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Government Officials in Hiran Tours Conflict Zones

Storyline:National News

HiranGovernment administration of Hiran has toured conflict prone zones of Defow where clan militias were fighting in recent months.

In an effort to document the casualties and meditate the clans, the government officials headed by Hiran Governor Abdifatah Hassan Afrah met with clan elders and listened both sides.

According to Sheikh Hussein Ali, The deputy governor of Hiran responsible for social affairs, told Goobjoog that the government delegation urged both warring clans to cease fire immediately.

“AMISOM peacekeepers have facilitated us to reach the area and we are ready to solve the conflict” said Sheikh Hussein.

The clan clashes which were on from 19th to 21st of this month claimed many lives and displaced many others. This is one of the rare clan conflicts in the country so far.

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