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Government says it’s confident to win maritime case against Kenya

Storyline:National News, World

Admiral Farah Ahmed Omar of Somalia National Marine Resources Research Center said today military power will not determine who wins a case in the international arena, but international law will, in reference to the maritime dispute with Kenya.

He was speaking at a seminar held for 20 of the centre’s employees in a bid to harness their understanding of International laws governing territorial disputes.

“For me I don’t think Kenya has good chances to win this case. I am confident that we are going to win because the International Court of Justice Court is fair enough to distinguish facts from falsehood. Military power will not help Kenya grab our land,” said the seasoned naval former commander who heads the only sea research centre in the country.

On the seminar, Admirah Farah said they would like to build the capacity of Somali sea officials and to equip them with the necessary skills and understanding regarding international sea laws.

Somalia filed a suit against at the International Court of Justice last month over the Indian Ocean stretch bordering Kenya which the two countries have been in contest over.

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