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Government soldiers and Alshabab fighters engage in a fierce fight in Lower Shabelle

Storyline:National News, Security
Somali government soldiers battling with Alshabab fighters in the countryside . Photo credit: Online

Government soldiers and Alshabab fighters last night engaged in a vicious fight in Afgoi town in Lower Shabelle region causing casualties.

The fight which is said to have continued for several minutes followed when Alshabab fighters ambushed government army positions in the town.

Alshabab who were disguised in civilian vehicles attacked government soldiers and heavy exchange of gunfire ensued.

Casualties include 3 deaths and 4 others injured as confirmed by the local people.

Other reports indicate that Alshaba took control of some parts of the town for a limited period of  time before retreating.

Normalcy has returned to the area this morning and government soldiers are carrying out security search to apprehend the fighters.

No official response has been released regarding this latest attack either from the local administration or the southwest regional authority.

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