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Government Urged To Prosecute MP Killers

Storyline:National News

A member of Somali Parliament Hon. Mohamed Idle Geddi has called on the government to bring justice to the killers of slain MP Yusuf Dirir, whose killing the government said was behind by army soldiers.

Speaking to Goobjoog the MP said that the killing would not disrupt the work of the parliament, but reminded the government that justice should prevail and killers should be brought to book.

According to spokesman for internal security ministry, the MP was killed by army soldiers in a road rage.

At least 6 soldiers were also injured during the shootout between them and the bodyguards of the MPs who were driving on the Makka AlMukarama Road.

Alshabab claimed the responsibility of the killing, but government says such claim is opportunistic and does not hold water.

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