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Governor of Lego: Retreat caused by lack of sufficient military personnel

Storyline:National News, Security

The governor of Lego location Abukar Abdullahi Isak Al-Adaala expounded on the decision to vacate Lego location due to lack of enough security personnel.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Governor Isak said administration will go back to the area when they will gather enough soldiers that can maintain maximum security due to the presence of large numbers of Alshabab fighters in the vicinity.

“Amisom soldiers left the area and we are told that they will be replaced by Ethiopian forces that are still on their way” said Governor Isak.

He reiterated that the absence of AMISOM forces was a big burden for his authority to be in Lego which was a security boost for them but now expecting more reinforcement from Baidoa town of Southwest State.

Amisom soldiers left the Lego military base two days ago and the reason behind this move is still unknown which forced the Somali security forces to abandon the town because of being few in numbers and don’t possess enough weapons to fend off possible attack from Alshabab.

Currently it is alleged that the location has fallen under the control of Alshabab fighters on Friday last week.

Gobjoog News