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Governor Yarisow apprised all entrepreneurs in public use to withdraw in 30 days

Storyline:National News

The Governor of Banaadir, Abdirahman Yarisow, has today informed all the entrepreneurs who in use of the public lands in the capital Mogadishu to withdraw the public land within 30days.

The press release reads:

Banadir Governor, Mayor of Mogadishu said “when I saw the illegal agreements reached in the garden on the roadsides of the Mogadishu before I declared that the agreements were disputed in the unlawful of the country, as these sites are a land of common denominator for the Somali community in Benadir Region,”

When my administration realized that renting of the landowners was an unlawful value that was not worth the park, as well as long-term negotiation period and that the payment was acquired by the public financial management system to be awarded a grant;

As a matter of necessity, it is necessary to restore the city’s property and the property of the nation.

The mayor presented the following articles

Article 1

From the day this law is signed is all cancels the contracts agreements issued in the gardens at the crossing roads in the capital, as these areas are for the Public, and  the gardens are one of the most important aspects of public opinion and the restore the beauty of the capital Mogadishu;

Article 2

Entrepreneurs who are directly involved in this decision, are required to disclose or remove any material and materials within the 30-day period, as a plan for consultation the repatriation will be restored to the Lower Administration, and the period begins on the date this Code is signed;

Article 3

Anyone who violates the law or is subject to comply with the law will be subject to legal action in accordance with the provisions of this Act, before the expiry of the time limit the landowners should contact the Banadir regional administration office

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