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Govt’ has no concrete security plan-MP

Storyline:National News

The Federal Government has no concrete plan to stabilize the country, a lawmaker has said, accusing the President of knee-jerk reactions during terror attacks.

Hassan Abdi (Jubbaland) said the decision by the federal government to establish the Mogadishu Stabilisation Force (MSF) last year only to disband it months later spoke of lack of defined security plans and politicization of security in the country.

“The government always introduce changes to the security structure and leadership when something happens but they do not want to generally stabilize the country,” said Abdi.

The MSF composed of about 800 soldiers was formed after the London Conference in May 2017. The control and command of the force was not clearly defined as illustrated in a new UN report which also highlights conflicts of command the force between the President’s and Prime Minister’s office.

The lawmaker told Goobjoog News the move to remove NISA officers from taking charge of security operations in Mogadishu and replace with MSF posed a major security challenge in the country.

Abdi also accused the current administration of its apparent distaste for federalism.

The MP also spoke about the Southwest state election noting the outcome of the exercise will only be in the interest of the federal government and not the people of South West.

He added that the immediate former southwest state president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan resigned following massive pressure from the federal government.