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Gov’t Holds Emergency Security Meeting In Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

A security meeting was held in Mogadishu immediately after Suicide car bombers rammed into two hotels named Wehliya and Siyaad before gunmen stormed in and opened fire which cost death of several people and many others hospitalised with injuries.

The meeting which was chairing by Somali prime minister was attended by ministers for security and defence, the commanders of police force and National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and some Benadir region officials.

The meeting was discussed in details the emerged situations in Mogadishu especially the last night’s twine attacks carried out AL-Shabab fighters.

Premier has commended ministers, the police officials for the marvellous job they conducted and their commitment to maintain security including how they tackled the attackers.

NISA commander and security minster have given out detailes about the attacks.

Somali minister for security, Abdirisack Mohamed Omar has informed the premier that operations were concluded successfully and all the attackers have been cleared out.

Prime minister has called on the security forces to be vigilant all the times and double efforts to foil the attacks from Al-Shabab fighters.

“The security forces have to take measures to minimize Al-Shabab attacks in city and the whole country, they should respond quickly if something goes wrong” he said.

Suspected Al-Shabab fighters entered the Siyad hotel, which is located opposite the presidential palace, as well as the Weheliye hotel on Makka Almukkaramah Road, as hotel residents were starting to break the Ramadan fast.

Somalia’s Special Forces intervened shortly after the assault began, engaging in a firefight with the gunmen.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“So far we understand they killed four people inside the hotel,” Nur Ali said.

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