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Gulmudug State furious Federal Parliament Speaker visit to Dhusamareeb

Storyline:National News


Somali Federal parliament speaker Mohmmad Osman Jawari and number of federal Parliament members paid surprise visit today to Ahlusuna stronghold city of Dhusamareb.

The visit sparked the anger of Galmudug top leadership including its president Abdikarim Guled and his assembly speaker Ali Ga’al Asyr.

Ali Ga’al  Asayr speaking to Goobjoog news said the visit undermines the peace prospect of the state “ this is clear challenge to the statehood of Galmudg as well as the peace deals between Ahlusuna and Galmudg ” he added “ this is scandal to the federal government and breach of Federal constitution”

Galmudug is concerned that  the visit of the speaker to Dhusamreb gives more legitimacy to armed religious group that still maintains animosity spirit towards Galmudug’s leadership.

The office of the speaker gave no remark to Galmudug statement nor explained why the speaker paid the visit to Dhusamareb.