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Gunmen attack a police station in Garowe town

Storyline:National News, Security


Armed gunmen have early today attacked a police station in Garowe the capital of Nugaal region and administrative headquater of Puntland state in northeastern Somalia.

Government officials in Garowe town have confirmed the attack and reported to have caused slight injuries and loss of properties.

The militias who have attacked the police station were confirmed to have been previous government soldiers who were resigned from their work after they were involved of failing to fulfil their duties.

Omar Abdullahi Faroweyne the police commander, said: “the gunmen attack have destroyed the police station building with various injuries of our on-duty police officers but confirmed no death tolls.”

“I urge the security forces to be alert and not allow such attack to happen again in the region,” said Omar the police commander.

The attack took place at the police station in Garowe town and declared that the attackers were previously members of the Nugal police forces.

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