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Gunmen attack Garissa University College, scores injured

Storyline:National News

Breaking News LogoMasked gunmen attack Garissa University College, heavy gunfire reported in the institution as police and military engage attackers; scores injured. Gunmen Thursday stormed Moi University campus in Garissa Town causing a major siege and casualties. Gunshots and explosions were heard from the compound for hours as police and military were mobilised to the institution. It is not clear who is behind the incident but witnesses say there is heavy presence of police and military in the area.

Witnesses say the gunmen went into the university as students went for morning prayers. Those calling from inside the university say there are many casualties. Area residents say Kenya Defence Forces have surrounded the compound.

The attack started from the Mosque inside the university where the attackers shot at worshippers indiscriminately. Students who escaped the attack said there were at least five gunmen. Many other students and teachers were by 8 am still being held hostage

They said the attackers had posed as worshipers at a mosque in the college. Witnesses said ambulances were carrying casualties to Nairobi. Local security bosses say there had been threats on the institutions inthe area from terror a group. “We had the threats earlier on and alerted the institutions here,” said a security official who asked not to be named.

The official added that a policeman who rushed there for rescue mission was among those injured in the siege. In Nairobi, security officials were put on alert over fears of a similar attack. Security bosses were mobilised for a crisis meeting to monitor the situation.

Source : Standard