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Guri El IDPs Receive Food Aid

Storyline:National News

Head of social services for the administration of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama in Guri El Sheikh Abdullahi Warsame Farah told Goobjoog that the humanitarian situation of IDPs there is improving.

Speaking to Goobjoog the official said that aid agencies like WFP and ICRC has distributed significant amount of food aid to the IDPs which helped to alleviate hunger from the people. He said the food is enough for two months.

“Every family has been given the ration for two months, dishes, and mats, and they would be ok if the peace holds here, for WFP its only gave food to the IDPs while the ICRC gave the whole impoverished people in the district” said the official.

The IDPs were displaced by the fighting between government forces and Ahlu Sunna fighters over the control of Guri El town.

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