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Haaf declares 3 months state of emergency in Galmudug as political crisis hold

Storyline:National News
Galmudug President Ahmed Du’alle Haaf declared a 3 months emergency Sept 1, 2017 following a week-long political crisis. Photo: courtesy

Galmudug state will remain in a state of emergency until the end of 2017, beleaguered Galmudug president Ahmed Haaf has declared throwing off balance political developments in the state which Saturday night saw a faction allied to him announce it had hounded out state assembly speaker and deputy president.

Following a cabinet meeting Sunday, Haaf who was voted out by a section of the state assembly last week declared the central Somali state will now be under a state of emergency starting October 1, 2017.

The emergency situation grants the state government extra power to enable it maintain security and stability within Galmudug state, a decree from President Haaf noted. The president ordered all the security forces in the state take full charge of security of the state.

The decree by Haaf marks a major shift in the political crisis in Galmudug four days after collapse of mediation talks which mediators blamed on interference from the Federal Government. With statements and declarations flying from hotels in opposite ends of Adado town, state legislators traded barbs and political threats characterized by firings, travel restrictions and no confidence motions.

Citing a set of provisions in the state constitution, Haaf said the state of emergency was imperative to ensure peace and stability in the state. Clan militias had late last week gathered in Adado but Federal Parliament legislators said they had managed to convince them move out of the town. Senators Abdi Qebydiid and Mahat Salad told the media the militias had left the town by Sunday morning.

The terms of the emergency are not yet clear but the move cut see toned-down political gatherings.