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Hamar Weyne Commissioner speaks about the deadly attack on Somali MP

Storyline:National News

Hamar Weyne district commissioner Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir gave details of deadly attacks targeted with Somali lawmakers in the district today.

Speaking to Goobjoog FM the commissioner stated that armed men on board of a luxurious car opened fire on Somali lawmaker’scar and a former MP.

He reiterated that a former lawmaker of transitional federal parliament named Liban Abdullahi Noor and two other people died during the attack while a serving MP Mayow Mustaf sustained serious injuries.

The commissioner added that the security forces in the district chased the assailants but no one arrested so far.

Other resources confirm that fire exchange between the forces and the armed assailants during the chase inflicted casualties.

Finally the commissioner said that the security forces are alert to put to a stop the planned attacks against government officials in the district.

No one claimed the responsibility of the attack.