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Haysom and Madeira meet S.w.state president in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

The New Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Nicholas Haysom and his African counterpart, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, arrived today in Baidoa the headquarter of Southwest state to meet with President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan.

Haysom and Madeira had a discussion with the Southwest state president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan with issues related to the upcoming election and the challenges in the region.

There has been a sharp controversy between the regional states as well as the central government of Somalia.

President Sharif has finally briefed the media about the issues discussed by the authorities and praised to the UN and the AU leaders for their diligence

UN and AU chiefs in Mogadishu have shown on the ongoing political crisis in the country with planned visits to the federal states amidst an escalating political row that last week.

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