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Heavy fighting between government forces and Al-shabab embarks in Bulo-Burte

Storyline:National News

Gajo iyo Bulo-burteReports from Bulo-Burte district in Hiran region state that heavy clash between government forces and Al-shabab embarked in the town last night.

The clash that has been going on for hours started after Al-shabab attacked government forces and AMISOM bases late hours of the night.

A local resident in Bulo-Burte who spoke on a condition of anonymity stated that the sounds of the heavy bullets used by the sides was heard in all the villages of the town and nearby areas.

Government officials in Bulo-Burte have not given comment about the clash but launched operations to maintain the security of the district.

Since joint forces took over the control of Bulo-Burte from Al-shabab, government forces and AMISOM meet regular attacks.