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Heavy Police operations in Nugal Region

Storyline:National News, World

Police Commander of Nugal region Farah Warsame commented on the regional operation are ongoing currently at the Nugal region he said that the operations are to tighten the security on the coming days of the eid festival.

Farah Warsame, the commander of the regional police said the security forces in the region were carrying out security operations in the area, as he continued

“Since it’s the end of Ramadan and the people in the region are all preparing for the happiness of the eid festival, we want people to enjoys the happiness of the eid daysm so its our responsibilities to make the security of the region is safe”.

the commander added that the operation conducted by the security forces in the coming days to deal with the young people who engage theft and rape cases in the region.

“While we have been working, there are a lot of young people who have been arrested for insecurity activities like theft of taking phones on day lights, kidnapping the small children and sometimes rape cases.

The statement of the commander comes as the eid festivals days are coming and it’s great to enhance security in the region before any insecurity activities happen in the region.

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