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Heavy rain in Hudur destroy houses

Storyline:National News

Heavy rainfall that have started in Hudur district of Bakol region and its suburb has led to extensive destruction of houses and property as residents confirm to the media.

The families whose houses got destroyed by floods of the rain are in poor conditions desperate for immediate help.

Hudur district commissioner Mohamed Moalim told Goobjoog FM that the rains in the district and the surrounding areas have relieved the acute water scarcity but still the effects of the food shortages caused by the prolonged drought still persist.

The commissioner called the federal government of Somalia and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver support to the affected residents.

Recently after the allied forces pushed Al-shabab from the major cities of Bakol region including Hudur district, the group blocked the major roads preventing the supply of essential goods hence making life difficult due to sky rocketing prices of food.