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Heavy rains floods Mogadishu streets

Storyline:National News

Robab Mahiigan Ah

Mogadishu and its surrounding areas have witnessed heavy rainfall last night as the rainy season begins, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the capital say they fear their situation may worsen.

Heavy rain in Mogadishu last night had strong impact on the movement of people and public transport as most of the streets in the capital turned into pools.

Many people mostly business men and students were seen walking in the flooded streets of Mogadishu following recent heavy rains that swept away many makeshift homes.
The heavy rain in Mogadishu had profound impact on the displaced people whose makeshift cannot bear the heavy drops of the rain.

The heavy rainfall in the city comes a time when some regions in the country particularly Gedo, Hiran and Galgadud regions experience droughts that have claimed the lives of many people and livestock.