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Consult further on 2016 decision, urges policy think tank

Storyline:National News

A policy think-tank in Mogadishu, Heritage Institute for Policy Studies has said it was not surprised by the decision by Somali federal government and parliament not to hold universal vote in 2016 but called for more consultation on the matter.

Abdirashid Hashi, Heritage director told Goobjoog News the latest development on the political scene have been in the making for quite a long time. He said that the earlier decision to announce one man one vote in 2016 was sensational.

“We went to some parts of the country, we conducted surveys and interviewed the public. People said they wanted them to be the decision maker, that they believed that those gathering in Halane base do not represent the will of the people but because the decision is in their hands, their decision could be valid provided they keep the best interest of the country at heart,” said Abdirashid.

He suggested that since universal vote couldn’t be held, the general opinion should be sought as much as possible.

The President said yesterday the option of universal suffrage was not viable for 2016 noting that the leadership of the country will deliberate further on the issue and propose a suitable option. The UN has also shared a similar view but strongly warned against any extension of the current government term limit.

“There should not be an extension of electoral process timelines for either the executive or legislative branches, and underlines the importance of implementing this commitment including through an inclusive process,” said the UN Security Council in a resolution two days ago.

Abdirashi also warned against the manipulation by the current leadership of the transition system and that the role of traditional elders should not be overlooked.

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