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High Delegation Led by State Minister For Premier’s Office reaches Dusa-Mareb Town

Storyline:National News

High delegation led by the state minister for premier’s office, Abdirahman Kulmiye Hirsi has reached Dusa-Mareb town on Monday.
The delegation which was comprising politicians, MPs and Somali ambassador to Ethiopia, Ahmed Abdisalan Haji was warmly welcomed by traditional elders, some of civil society and politicians in the town.
Ahmed Abdisalan speaking at a vibrant ceremony held for the delegation has said “the reason of reconciliation conference held in Dusa-Mareb town was to create mutual understanding and to discuss how person in Somali central regions could get his or her right share without denying one’s rights”
The delegates are expected to hold talks with traditional elders and people of Dusa-Mareb town as to pave the way for upcoming central state formation conference which is expected kick off soon.