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Hiiraan regional administration call for peace in the region

Storyline:National News

Hiran regional administration has called for peace in the recent clan clashes in the outskirt of Beledweyn town.

The governor of the region, Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin Sufurow and other officials who visited the outskirts of Beledweyn yesterday and met with the locals in the area to discuss the peace and security.

Sufurow said, “That it is important to maintain a peaceful co-existence as well as to bring peace and stability to the people.”

“We have been doing a lot of work for both sides for a long time to work for peace, and we hope that our journey will be a great way to peace,” said Sufurow.

Hiiraan has been experiencing tensions between clans in the region, but the leaders in the region have made lots of efforts to bring these tensions to an end.

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