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Hiiran administration today launch a disaster relief station in Beledweyn

Storyline:National News

Hiraan regional administration has today launched the first disaster relief station in  Beledweyne town of Hiraan region.

The establishment of this centre was co-sponsored by the regional administration of Hiran and some of the aid agencies in the region.

The aim of this centre is to save a variety of aid so that if disaster strikes in the region so that they can urgently help the community living in Hiran region.

Hiiraan Governor, Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin Sufurow, “said the centre would be the first aid available in the case of a disaster.”

“We were happy today to open a disaster relief station for the displaced people in the region, after closely working collaboration between the administration and the Inter-Governmental Authority.”

The move comes as a result of the recent years of disasters and floods in the Hiraan region that have plagued the lives of many people in the region.

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