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Hiiran Regional Govt demands the federal Govt to support the flood affected people in the Region

Storyline:National News

Hiiraan regional administration has demanded the federal government of Somalia to support the population in the region affected by the floods of Shabelle River in the past months.

The deputy public representative of the region, Sheikh Hussein Osman Ali, told Goobjoog News, “that the government donation for Hiiraan people gave not been reached well for the needy people and he mentioned that the people in the region have only recieved $ 400,000 from the government which still didn’t satisfy the need of the large population affected by the floods.”

He said “that there are still many needs, and that the government should continue to support and give fund donation to their administration so that it will be helped to support the affected people in the region.”

Sheikh Osman also added that the displaced people from B / weyne have started returning back to their homes but they still need to be supported until they settle very well.

The people of Hiraan region was affected by heavy floods from Shabelle River after it busted to barks and affected all the towns in the region and forced people to move from their homes and settle in IDP camps in the outskirt of Beledweyn town which was the most affected town in the region.

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