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Hiraan Administration appeals for urgent aid as drought escalates in the region

Storyline:National News

Hiraan local administration has urged the international community to help feed inhabitants of the southern region, where rain failure has led to the lowest cereal production in years and cattle dying for lack of water and pasture.

A serious drought has taken hold in parts of southern Somalia and thousands of people are facing significant water and food shortages.

“I wish to appeal for emergency food aid as save many people before the situation gets out of hand,” Osman Geedi Elmi, Bulaburde district commissioner told Goobjoog news.

Elmi said that severe water shortage and intensifying drought left many households in region more destitute.

He spelled out that the lives of hundreds of families mainly women and children might be in danger or die of thirst and hunger.

“The current famine situation in the district actually demands urgency, not only assessments and far-off responses, because many people are dying in the district on a daily basis for lack of help,” said Elmi.

On Sunday Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud issued an urgent appeal for international aid as drought-stricken the country.
“The situation is very severe. The conditions are very harsh,” said president Mohamud.
He added “Drought and water shortages have hit many places of the country, the situation may be calmed if these areas get rain in April but before then the situation should be considered urgently and extend aid to the drought affected areas.”

Acute water crisis has hit some villages in Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan regions following a drought that has shrunk pasture and water resources in the region.
Pastoralist families are facing a serious shortage of water and pastures after several water points dried up the last few months as a result of dry spell that has hit in the breakaway Somaliland and Puntland state.
Thousands of Somalis have fled the countryside in search of food and water, trekking for days under scorching sun toward camps in major towns.