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Hiran administration due to remove road blockage in the region

Storyline:National News
Gajo iyo Bulo-burte
Roads entering Bulo-Burte town Blocked by Al-shabab

The administration of Hiran region is planning to remove the road blockage imposed by Al-shabab in the region.

The spokesman of Hiran administration Hassan Kafi accused Al-shabab of blocking trade routes in region hence making access difficult.

He said the plans are underway and government forces together with AMISOM will soon carry out military offensive to forcefully open up the blocked roads in the region.

He added that the blockage of the roads in the region pose hardship and threats to the locals in the region.

Al-Shabab has prevented vehicles transporting food and essential goods from passing through the blocked roads.

Many residents in Somalia’s central town of Buloburte and surrounding areas in Hiraan region have begun to run away from the towns as access remains constricted due to volatile security and road blockages imposed by Al- Shabab.