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Hiran administration urges the federal government to end inter-clan clashes in the region

Storyline:National News

Hiran administration asked the federal government of Somalia to immediately intervene and resolve the renewed clashes in some areas of Hiraan region.
Speaking to the journalists in Baladweyne deputy the political affairs of Hiran governor Mahamed Ibrahim Abdulahi stated that it is the right time for Somali federal government to play it role to ease the conflicts that erupted in Kabhanley and Deefoy localities of Hiran region.
Mr.Mahamed called Somali MPs and cabinet ministers of federal government who hail from Hiran region to double their efforts of solving clan disputes that affected some of districts in the region and caused the displacement of large number of people.
Mahamed Osman, the commissioner of Baladweyne urged the religious leaders and traditional elders in the region to take part in the efforts intent to end the hostility and start campaign of awareness against tribalism.
The administration of Hiraan recommends both clans to end their difference on the negotiating table while Hiran elders seem to have failed to curb the inter-clan clashes that rammed the region.
This call comes a time when Somali government has appointed a ministerial committee to solve the fresh clan clashes in Hiran.