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Hiran elders warn creation of regional administration without the will of Hiran people

Storyline:National News

Elders and politicians in Hiran region warn formation of new administration for Hiran region without consultation and the will of the people in the region.

The chairman of Hiran elders Hassan Kulmiye Waasuge told Goobjoog FM that there are individuals who met in Mogadishu to create new regional administration for Hiran region without prior notice to the elders and the intellectuals in the regin.

Mr. Waasuge underlined that if these people don’t think profoundly and weigh the impacts of their actions, their move might create new conflicts between Hiran residents.

“Any step taken to establish a regional state without the will of Hiran people might create new hostilities in the region” the elder said.

The elder added that the determination and future of Hiran people cannot be addressed by individuals who meet outside the region.

These remarks comes a time when Hiran elders called the federal government to establish an inclusive administration for Hiran people.