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Hiran Spokesman Explains the reasons behind arrest of a reporter

Storyline:National News

wariyeThe spokesman for the government administration of Hiran region Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim (Hassan Kaffi) briefing the media explained the reason why  a reporter Osman Arees was arrested, he said his arrest is due to complaint filed by youth of Hiran region.

He said the journalist working with Somali Channel TV reported that the youth organization of Hiran region has been disbanded, a move which  the youth described as propaganda and far from truth.

The spokesman said that the authorities tried to convince the reporter  not create  suspicion and mistrust among the youth and leave all disputes for the courts to decide, but the reporter refused to heed the calls to refrain from broadcasting false allegations.

Journalists Association of Hiran has called on government to release the journalist. Chairman of the association Mr. Abdirizak has told Goobjoog that they had hopes the journalist would be set free soon.

Journalist Osman Arees is behind bars for the second day after he was arrested in Baladweyn town by security forces.

Somalia has the lowest ranking of press freedom, lobby groups often blame the government for silencing the media while rebel groups and other political elements are held responsible for murdering Somali journalists.

The country’s Media Bill is yet to pass through the parliament and National Media Council or Media regulator is not formed, paving the way for accusations against Somali media workers, even if they are false ones.

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