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Hirshabelle MPs preparing ‘No Confidence’ motion against State Presidebt Osoble

Storyline:National News, Politics

Hirshabelle MPs are in the process of preparing motion of no confidence against the incumbent President Ali Abdulahi Osoble.

The State MPs accused the leader of overstepping the limits of the constitution and lack of executing his state duties.

Speaking to Goobjoog News MP Omar Mohamed cited the motion is against the President Osoble and he hopes that this time they will succeed in their move.

“Hirshabelle MPs prepared motion against the President and gathering signatures is ongoing now. It will be presented to the parliamentary committee. There are many reasons that are to be accused with the President among them being lack of duty execution and constitutional violation” said MP Mohamed.

Early this year some MPs prepared the same motion though they rescinded with their decision after carrying out consultation with President Osoble though it is still unclear how the current motion will end.

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