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HirShabelle parliament to elect new senators tomorrow

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|JOWHAR: HirShabelle State Parliament will be electing new senators tomorrow becoming the fifth Federal Member State to kick off the exercise.

The race for the eight seats allocated to the state will be contested by 27 candidates. Five candidates failed to meet the registration requirements while one pulled out of the race.

The candidates are currently addressing the state parliament to pitch for election.

Below is the list of candidates who will be contesting:

  1. Muuse Suudi Yalahow
    1. Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan
    2. Ahmed Hasan Adow
    3. Haaji Muhudin Hassan Afrah
    4. Hassan Aday Ali
  2. Mohamed Amiin Sheikh Osman
    1. Ahmed Mohamed Afa’dey
    2. Yusuf Hassan Fila-dheere
    3. Abdirahman Muuse Habad
  3. Mohamed Ahmed Nuur Tarsan
    1. Raage Hassan Osman Huuti
    2. Osman Mohamud Mohamed Dufle
  4. Mohamed Osman Dhega-juun
    1. Nuur Mohamed Geedi Anjeeh
    2. Mukhtar Hussein Ahmed
  5. Ali Shaban Ibrahim
    1. Abdikadir Hanafu Sheikh Bashir
    2. Asho Hussein Abukar
    3. Abdalle Abdi Hussein
  6. Hassan Iidow Mohamed Konah
    1. Osman Ahmed Mahow
    2. Abdinuur Ibrahim Nuur
  7. Fartuun Abdiqadir Karaama
    1. Adna Hassan Mahad Abdi
    2. Saadiya Yarow Adam
  8. Naimo Ibrahim Yusuf
    1. Maryan Mohamed Kuulow
    2. Zamzam Abdullahi Hussein
    3. Mohamed Mahalin Kulmiye
    4. Abukar Hassan Maqaneey