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HirShabelle president orders seizure of illegal firearms in Beledweyne

Storyline:National News, Security

HirShabelle President Ali Abdullahi Osoble has ordered security agencies to confiscate all illegally held firearms in Beledweyne.

Beledweyne mayor Adan Ahmed Hafow said Monday president Osoble had instructed all the authorities to seize illegally held weapons as a measure to beef up security in the region.

“Following a meeting convened by President Ali Abdullahi Osoble, it was collectively agreed that all illegal firearms in the hands of the public be impounded. I am asking members of the public to cooperate with the authorities and hand over weapons in their possession. Anyone violating this decree will face the law,” said Hafow.

Arms can only be possessed by the government. Any illegal arms found in the town will be impounded” added Hafow.

This move comes in the wake of successive unresolved murder cases in the town recently and committed by unknown people especially under the cover of darkness.

The mayor said only security agencies will be allowed to carry firearms. The decree follows a security meeting presided by President Osoble and attended by the local governor, regional military and police commanders among other top officials from the state.