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HirShabelle presidential election candidates to submit papers today ahead of September 12 poll


The State-level Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (SIEIT) officials count votes during a rerun of one of the nullified seats for South West state in Baidoa, Somalia on February 2, 2016. AMISOM Photo / Abdikarim Mohamed

Candidates contesting in the upcoming presidential election in HirShabelle state will today submit their nomination papers ahead of the poll scheduled for September 12.

The presidential election committee had earlier indicated September 6 as the date for submission of papers for candidates intending to participate in the election which follows the ouster of president Abdullahi Ali Osoble.

At least four candidates are expected to take part in the election but it remains unclear if immediate former president Osoble will be taking part. State assembly speaker Osman Bare Mohamed said Osoble was free to contest in the election. Osoble announced last week he was moving his base to Beletweyne.

Amisom forces have already secured the venue for the election, Goobjoog News correspondent in the capital Jowhar reports. Candidates have been conducting campaigns in meetings with local MPs in various hotels in the capital.

A candidate will be declared elected president upon garnering 50% +1 of the vote. HirShabelle state assembly which will elect the president is composed of 98 lawmakers.