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Hirshabelle Presidential election will be fair and free says State Justice Minister

Storyline:National News, Security

Hirshabelle State Minister for Justice Abdulkadir Osman cited their high hopes for the presidential election to be fair and free and preparations are in process towards this exercise.

“As you know we have passed the political deadlock in Hirshabelle state. We now embarking on the presidential election and there is a vacuum of power and constitutionally we have to fill the presidency slot within 30 days according to article 52, clause 2” said Presidential election will be fair and free says State Minister Osman.

He insinuated state presidential election committee “are made up of 9 members all hailing from within the state MPs and already ratified by the state assembly but waiting only for the endorsement of the parliamentary committee.”

Currently there are few challenges are experienced including the hajj pilgrimage where some state MPs are away in Mecca but generally there no major obstacles that will hinder the state presidential to take place according to State Minister Osman.

The announcement of the state presidential election date will be made by the electoral committee after their endorsement.

similarly the state speaker echoed the same message about the presidential campaign to be in good process according to Hirshabelle Speaker of Parliament Sheikh Osman Bare.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Speaker Bare touched on their engagement on how to endorse the electoral presidential committee in the coming days

“The processes are in good stages and there no major challenges. We shall announce the electoral committee and the state internal ministry will be one of the election observers” said Speaker Bare.

He informed Goobjoog News the possibility of the presidential election to take place despite the few existing challenges and expressed his expectation of attendance by officials from the central government including both houses of the federal parliament, local and international observers.

On the other hand, the traditional elders from Middle Shabelle in Hirshabelle state appealed for the immediate release of old men from the area.

The old men were arrested and are in behind bars in Jowhar town, the state capital following their preparation to meet with Hirshabelle government to arbitrate and abate communal fighting in Adale location, a coastal town in the Middle Shabelle.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Mohamed Jimale and Mohamud Ali Ahmed who are among the traditional elders wants the unconditional release of the old men.

“The elders are delegates called by the acting president of Hirshabelle state and unfortunately due to disagreement between them, they were arrested through his orders” said one of the elders.

They expressed their dismay and appealed to higher authorities in the country to look into this matter and solve it amicably.

It is alleged that the traditional old men are behind bars for the fourth day and up to now there is no official statement from the state administration regarding their arrest.

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