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HirShabelle state assembly files motion to unseat president as 10 ministers quit

HirShabelle state Abdullahi Osoble making his inaugural address after being inaugurated October 16, 2017. Photo: Amisom

HirShabelle state president Abdullahi Osoble is running into another storm as local legislators file an impeachment motion barely a day after ten ministers resigned in what is fast turning into a political crisis for the leader of the youngest state in Somalia barely 11 months into office.

Legislators filed the motion Monday citing violation of the state constitution, abuse of office and lack of consultation with parliament.

“Hirshabelle Parliament had private meetings that deliberated on how to save HirShabelle and what caused the backwardness of HirShabelle regional government compared to other similar federal state governments and the clear picture that emerged for HirShabelle Parliament was the president Abdullahi Osoble was the sole reason behind this,” the motion read in part.

The MPs said the region had not registered any progress since it was established last year adding ‘there is no hope that can be seen whether political will, economic and society developments.’

The move to impeach the president comes a day after at least 10 ministers stepped down citing conflicts with the state president. Osoble unveiled a 52 member cabinet in February 20 this year and was endorsed by the state assembly March 11.

Some local legislators welcomed the resignation of the ministers noting the president had neglected his official duties.

“It is a delightful thing that deserves good reception. It is a success for Hirshabelle state in particular and Somalia at large and the rest will do the same in the coming days” an MP Noor Farah Warsame told Goobjoog News.