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HirShabelle state lawmaker welcomes Federal Govt ‘no objection’ on Osoble’s ouster

Storyline:National News

A lawmaker from HirShabelle state has hailed the Federal Government’s announcement Sunday that it did not object the ouster of HirShabelle state president Abdullahi Osoble.

Noor Hashi told Goobjoog News the position of the government affirmed the state assembly’s right to decide the leadership of the state without interference from the federal government. “”Somalia is a federal state and we are the ones who elected the former president and have decided to remove him from power,” said Hashi.

Hashi added the Federal Ministry of Interior ‘had followed the right path affirming the decision of the state assembly’.

Interior Minister Abdi Farah Saiid in a gazette notice Sunday the government respected the decision of the state assembly and called for the formation of a presidential elections committee to prepare for the poll which has to be executed within 30 days after the vote of no confidence on the president.

The assembly ousted Osoble last week in a majority vote but the embattled leader has since remained adamant noting the vote was illegal.

Hashi said article 34 of HirShabelle state granted powers the assembly ‘to impeach a sitting president and the motion was carried by the same members and it is not obligatory for the president to be present while the voting takes place.

The affirmation of the vote by the federal government dealt a blow to former leader Abdullahi Osoble who had contested the poll terming it unconstitutional.

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