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Hirshabelle’s Waare appoints new governor for Hiiraan region

Storyline:National News
Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabageed was appointed by president Mohamed Waare as the new governor of Hiiraan region

HirShabelle state president Mohamed Warre has today dismissed the governor of Hiiran region from the office and appointed a new governor for the region.

Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabageed who once served as a minister in HirShabelle state was appointed as the new governor of Hiran, and Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin Sufow the former governor who was only five months in the office was discharged from the office.

Ahmed Maalin Sufow has been discharged of his duty through the state presidential decree which noted the new changes aimed at improving service delivery in the region.

Mr Suffow has not yet commentated on the matter, however, there is no apparent reason for his dismissal from the office.

HirShabelle state president Mohamed Warre this past week broke ranks with his fellow state presidents after he announced last Wednesday that he had reached a deal with the federal government to ‘work together’.

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