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Hobyo Port to undergo major renovation

Storyline:National News

Puntland’s main commercial town’s port is set to undergo a major upgrading as the administration of ports clears the harbour from watercrafts.

China based company won multimillion Dollars contract intended to upgrade the capacity of Hobyo port as part of Galmudug’s endeavors to improve economic infrastructures of the region.

Touring the port with Chinese engineers, Abdullahi Jama Salah, deputy minister for public works that a ship carrying equipment of the constructing company is expected to dock at the port soon.

The projects is estimated to cost Millions, becoming the biggest project which is going to be implemented in this regional state since Galmudug state was formed.

Renovations include large oil storage with capacity of thousands of barrels of oil, three large warehouses, large mobile elevators and overall upgrading as well.