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Hormuud protests vandalism of masts allegedly by Kenyan forces in Gedo

Storyline:Business, National News

Hormuud Telecom has expressed concern over increased vandalism of its communication masts in towns along the Somalia-Kenya border alleged to have been committed by Kenyan forces.

Reacting to another case in Dhoobley in Upper Jubba which locals said Monday Kenyan forces destroyed Hormuud masts, the company said the destruction of its communication infrastructure had adversely affected its business and denied locals services.

It noted that despite petition to the Federal Government for intervention, no action had yet been taken.

“There is no visible immediate action from the government of Somalia since the Kenyan forces are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia,” the company said.

Residents of Dhoobley quoted by local media said Kenyan forces vandalized the masts early Monday before leaving the area.

The telco said it was yet to understand why the Kenyan forces were destroying the masts.

“Until now it is unclear why the Kenyan troops are targeting the communication companies but African analysts said that the Kenya troops want to displace the people living on border land between the two countries.”

The company added the its masts in Heelbaande, Dhamase, Khadiijo Haaji , Dhegalaab and Dhuuntow in Gedo region have also been vandalized before.