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Hormuud Salaam Foundation Sends Somali Children with Congenital Heart Defects to Italy for Life-Saving Treatment

Storyline:National News

On Sunday, April 21,Hormuud Salaam Foundation dispatched a group of Somali children with congenital heart defects to Milan, Italy, for specialized medical treatments and surgeries unavailable in local medical facilities.

They are part of the 15 children planned to be taken to Italy within the next month and among the 119 children who have already been medically examined. This initiative brings hope to Somalia’s children and their families.

“The foundation of this program was laid by Mrs. Edna Moalim Abdirahman, a resident of Milan, Italy. Her efforts have made it possible for Somali children to receive treatment in Italy, offering hope and a chance at a healthier life,” HSF said in a statement.  

Abdullahi Nur Osman, the Chairman of HSF, saw off the children with their parents at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu along with the Director of Walcare Hospital, Dr. Abdullahi Farah Caseyr, and the Italian Ambassador to Somalia Dacco Coppi.

Osman expressed gratitude towards the Local Government of the Lombardy region of Italy for agreeing to cover the surgery costs for these children. He also thanked Mrs. Edna Moalim for her idea and work in initiating the program, as well as Dr. Stefano Marianischi, who will be operating on the children. Ambassador Dacco Coppi, was also thanked for his efforts in facilitating the Visa and travel arrangements for the children.

For his part, the Italian ambassador thanked the Hormuud Salaam Foundation for covering the travel and supplies for the children and their parents. He also wished the children a successful surgery and treatment.

Parents accompanying the children expressed their gratitude towards the Hormuud Salaam Foundation, Welcare Hospital, Mrs. Edna Moalim, the Italian Ambassador, and the Lombardy Region of Italy for their support and efforts in providing a chance at a healthier life for their children.

Last year, HSF collaborated with Ms. Edna Moalim Abdirahman while conducting medical screening which targeted children in the Somalia capital, Mogadishu.  

“This life-changing initiative is vital given over 6,000 babies with a congenital heart defect are born annually in Somalia, yet many cases remain untreated,” the corporate said. “Moreover, 1.8 million Somali children fewer than five face acute malnutrition.

“In the heart of Mogadishu, we’re carrying the torch for hope and healing. The significant turnout at the screening signals the critical need for specialized healthcare services in Somalia,” Osman said at that time. 

“We are steadfast in our resolve to address this pressing issue, especially for the wellbeing of our children. They are the pillars of Somalia’s future. Our efforts are aimed at forging a Somalia where access to healthcare for every child is a reality, not a privilege.”

Since established in May 2013, Hormuud Salaam Foundation which is a non-profit organization has been integral in various corporate social responsibility events across the country and has played a key role in humanitarian field to address social economic and environmental issues to foster positive and lasting change for the Somali people.