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Hudur administration removes blockades in the region

Storyline:National News

The administration of Hudur district in Bakol district has given details of security operations carried out by the government forces together with AMISOM troops in some areas of the region.

Mohamed Moalim, Hudur district commissioner told Goobjoog FM that the joint forces have cleared Al-shabab blockade in the region to allow free movement of people and the essential supplies.

The commissioner added that the situation of the district is now stable and federal government forces are vigilant to stop the attacks of the perpetrators.

The district commissioner said that his administration will continue the operations until all the roads linking Bakol to the neighbouring regions blocked by Al Shabab are reopened.

Finally Mr. Moalim underlined the need for federal government and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the desperate people in the region.

When the allied forces captured the main strongholds of Al-shabab in the region, the group blocked the main roads connecting the major districts and prevented the trucks transporting essential goods from reaching the area hence the prices of the goods and services doubled.