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Humanitarian Agencies Seek Funds to Support 6 million Vulnerable South Sudanese


JUBA, (Xinhua): Humanitarian agencies in South Sudan on Tuesday launched the Humanitarian Needs and Response Plan, seeking 1.8 billion U.S. dollars to support 6 million out of 9 million people projected to be in need of humanitarian assistance in 2024.

Marie-Helene Verney, the acting humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, said they need the funds to reach out to 6 million vulnerable people with shock-driven needs, such as those impacted by negative climate effects, conflict, and disease outbreaks where they require life-saving assistance.

“We will work to support people’s progress to being self-reliant so that they no longer have to depend on humanitarian assistance. Sadly, for most people, we expect multiple shocks, including the negative impact of climate change, which will continue to drive acute needs next year,” Verney said in a statement issued in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

The UN said that people’s needs have decreased in some areas, where conflict and violence lessened, and agricultural production increased. However, it disclosed that the majority of people across the country remain in challenging circumstances, adding that due to less funding in 2024, humanitarian agencies will prioritize assistance to support communities with the most acute needs.

Verney said South Sudan’s humanitarian appeal for 2023 is underfunded at 53.8 percent as of Nov. 22, adding that timely and sufficient funding is required to ensure that people’s most acute needs are met.

“As we continue to operate on the frontlines in highly dangerous conditions to help people move from surviving to thriving, we need attacks on civilians and humanitarians to stop,” Verney said. ■