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Humanitarian crisis in Gedo region escalates

Storyline:National News

The humanitarian crisis in Gedo region has escalated as shortage of food and water affects the lives of people and livestock in the region.

One of the Elders in Bula Hawo, Khalif Haji Hassan speaking to Goobjoog FM stated that the residents are facing dire humanitarian conditions adding that water shortages has claimed the lives of unspecified number of livestock and others might die if immediate help is not delivered.

“ If emergency support is not delivered to the affected people, iam afraid that a lot of livestock and even people might die” the elder said.

The elder stated that no emergency support delivered to Gedo residents since the humanitarian crisis started earlier this year.

He called the federal government of Somalia and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the desperate and affected people in the region.

Similar humanitarian crisis is reported in Bakol, Hiran and Galgadud regions where shortage of food and water has claimed the lives of over 10 people and unspecified number of livestock.