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Humud: Joint forces are prepared to launch final assault against Al-shabab controlled areas

Storyline:National News

African Union peace-keeping mission in Somalia stated that massive operations to push Al-shabab out of their last territories is due to start.

Speaking to Goobjoog FM AMMISOM spokesman Ali Adan Humud said AU troops are fully prepared to carry out final assault against all Al-shabab controlled areas.

Humud confirmed that the recent takeover of Tyeglow district in Bakol region by SNA and AMISOM troops was a good start and the other areas under the group’s control will follow suit.

He added that Al-Shabab have withdrawn from couple of areas in South and Central Somalia adding that the joint forces will take full control of the areas and maintain its security.

Al-Shabab has lost over 10 areas of its strongholds to government forces and AU troops since the military offensive started earlier this year.

Al-Shabab controls vast areas in South and Central  of Somalia, but the  Federal government vows to drive  Al-shabab  out  soon.