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Hundreds Demonstrate in Garbaharay against interim Jubba Administration

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of Garbaharay residents took to the streets of that town protesting against interim Jubba Administration.

The demonstration is organized by some Gedo region of politicians and traditional elders in that town.

Mohamud Siyad Adan, one of the politicians hailing Gedo region, speaking to Goobjoog News confirmed the protest in Garbaharey town which took place Yesterday.

He said that the protesters was against IJA and the newly formed Jubba regional parliament.

“The protest was against what is happening in the so called Interim Jubba Administration, the traditional elders who participated the protest said that they are have nothing to with what is happening in Kismayo and that they all condemn it ” he noted.

Finally Adan blamed the federal government for what is going on in Kismayo and watching the injustice without taking proper action to stop it.

“People of Gedo are expressing concern over the situation in Kismayo” he said.

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