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Hundreds of IDPs protest against eviction order by Government Somali

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of people who have been squatting in Tarbunka square have protested against eviction order issued by Mogadishu local government, on Saturday.

Angry locals barricaded the roads with burning tires as they were chanting “ we shall vacate the area till you give us place to live.”

Fatuma who lives in Tarbunka square said that she know nowhere to go and decided to stay at home even if the government soldiers forces her to quit.

I have been living here for years, I  do not know anywhere else. I urge the government to to give us alternative place to live in” said Fatuma as tears rolling down on her cheeks.

0n 13th this month, Benadir deputy governor, Mohamed Ahmed Diiriye, said that the squatters were ordered to leave the area within five days.

“The administration is lawfully evicting theses people for the public interest and the government” said Mohamed that day.

He said that the administration is carrying out efforts rebuild the square which is currently occupied by internally displaced people.

“We called upon everyone who is using the premises to vacate as soon as possible, we need the buildings urgently” he said.

Somali security forces forcibly evicted hundreds of IDPs in the capital, Mogadishu, in early last (2015).

Some of the IDPs accused the authorities of beating some of those evicted, destroyed their shelters, and left them without water, food, or other assistance.

After the fall of Somali central government in 1990, the government institutions were looted and many important documentaries were distorted. Many IDP families used the government buildings for housing.