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Hundreds of people in Baidoa protest against PM’s visit

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of protesters carrying placards and banners chanting anti government slogans took to the streets of Baidoa ahead of prime minister’s visit to the city.

The protesters gathered at the front gate of Baidoa airport, blocking the main roads and burning tyres. People  were chanting  in support of South West state of six regions led by Madobe Nunow as freelance journalist in Baidoa reports.

The residents of Baidoa are against the visit of  the prime minister Abdiweli who is expected to land  in the city soon and end the political tensions between the parallel administrations of South West Somalia comprising of three and six regions.

The Federal government of Somalia has recognized South West Somalia  state of three regions and formed a technical committee to facilitate the establishment of the regional state, a move which escalated the already existing tensions in the region.

More to follow.