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Hundreds of people in the newly catured areas are in desperate humanitarian conditions

Storyline:National News

The administration of Lower Shabelle stated that the people living in the seized areas of the region are in poor humanitarian conditions desperate for immediate assistance.

Lower Shabelle social services deputy chairman said the most affected areas are Bulo Marer and other nearby localities.

The vice chairman also stated that the residents have no access to essentials services since

Hundreds of families who fled their houses after the offensive military against Al-shabab started in the region reached other areas including the capital city, Mogadishu. No immediate help delivered to the displaced people.

The administration of Lower Shabelle called the aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the affected people in the region.

Federal government forces and African union troops have captured three areas in the region including Bulo-Marer district and still advancing to Barawe district, the major stronghold of Al-shabab in Southern Somalia.