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Irate residents and football fans torch Awdal police commissioner’s residence in Somaliland

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of angry young football fans and residents of Borama town went on the rampage on Monday and burned down residential house of Awdal police commissioner while protesting against killings of football fans that occurred at Borama Stadium 2 days ago.

The irate protestors have attacked the house of the commissioner with fireworks and stones before setting it on fire.

At least one football fan was killed on Sunday after supporters of two clubs Awdal and Maroodi-Jeeh chanted Somalia’s National Anthem inside Borama Stadium prompting the police to open fire on the supporters.

One of the locals in Boroma town told Goobjoog News that the violence started after the police of breakaway Somaliland killed two people in the stadium in the last two days.

“The soldiers in Borama have killed two football fans in the town’s stadium in two days prompting livid residents to set fire on the commissioner’s house” he said.

He added “Latest incident started on Saturday evening in the town of Borame after supporters of one of the teams playing stormed onto the pitch protesting against a decision by match officials”

Video clips showing police firing at fans near the stadium were published on social media.

Officials of the breakaway region of Somaliland have said that investigations are going on. Every year, regional football tournaments are held across Somalia bringing together football fans.