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Hundreds protest against the price of Khat

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of protestors against sky rocket price of Khat (Miraa) took to the streets of Galkacyo.

The demonstrators who were mainly small scale Miraa sellers women have close d their kiosks to protest against Miraa importers who increased the price of the Khat.

They were waving placards with their demands in a demonstration as they were chanting “we don’t want blood suckers”

One of the protestors told Goobjoog News that they went out to boycott traders who are importing Khat from Kenya because of the selling price they imposed.

“They said they want to be given Som Sh 2400000 ($ 110 US) per bundle which comprises of five bunches of Khat and that is impossible, because we are not getting benefit from that, as our customers are willing purchase a bunch with Sh 5000” she said.

Somali consumers rely heavily on imports of Khat from Kenya.

Kenyan farmers generate over $100m per year for the export of khat to Somalia which large communities heavily depend on it.